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Danger Stick

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Animated .gif: Stickmen feel pain

Animated .gif: Shot in the head

Promotional flyer's for my first exhibition

No One Cares

Terrible Punch Line

Demon in the MA Studio

How Awesome Can You Limbo?

Why not?

You can't prove it's not art!

Have a Dive

Clean Up

Viva la RevoluciĆ²n!

Spray painter

Spray painter (Close Up)

Tshirt Add 1

Tshirt Add 2

Tshirt Add 3

Alternative Comics Title

Animated .gif: Stickmen feel pain 300x300 resolution

How Awesome Can You Limbo - Alternative

No One Cares - Alternative 1

No One Cares - Alternative 2

Why Not? - Alternative

Spray painter - Alternative

Spray painter (Close Up) - Alternative

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